(English only) A new experience from Ishigaki Island in-the-making

Viewers of the Nohoho Instagram account might already know, but the construction of the building that started in January 2019 and that will become Nohoho’s base in the small settlement of Kuura on the northern peninsula of Ishigaki island is making progress. Amidst a booming construction sector on the island, the construction of the project is slightly delayed, but it is scheduled for completion soon. Once the building is ready, Nohoho will start preparations to establish it as a multi-purpose facility, including possibilities for accommodation.

Kuura is located north of Ishigaki Airport at ca. 30 minutes by car. To downtown Ishigaki, it takes roughly 50 minutes, also by car. One might say that there is nothing there in Kuura, but actually, the opposite is the case. There are plenty of things to enjoy that can be enjoyed right because of the location such as nature, sports activities, beaches and beautiful night skies. Once ready, do visit us to enjoy a truly Okinawan experience. Progress of the project is posted on the Instagram account: http://www.instagram.com/nohoho.jp

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